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Chalet Kirchberg am Bach can be rented through Villa for You. Therefore, the General Terms and Conditions and House Rules of Villa for You apply, as well as the General Terms and Conditions / House Rules listed below.


The manager (concierge) of Chalet Kirchberg am Bach is Petra Werlberger. ​She can be reached daily between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. +43 676 5424 722.

Should you require urgent personal help or assistance during your stay, please contact the property manager, Petra Werlberger.

Report on site. If Chalet Kirchberg am Bach does not meet your expectations, please report this immediately to the manager / concierge.


This chalet was largely renovated in the summer of 2010, 2019 and 2020. To maintain and protect our property, we kindly request that you do not wear outdoor shoes, ski boots or snowboard boots in the chalet. Shoes and equipment can be safely stored in the ski room.

Guests must at all times behave and respect local residents in a manner that does not damage the reputation of Chalet Kirchberg am Bach. All guests must be aware that the chalet is located in a residential area and ensure that noise levels are appropriate at all times and minimize any disturbance to neighbours. Guests must observe a 10:00 PM curfew for outdoor noise or excessive noise within the property.


Smoking in Chalet Kirchberg am Bach is strictly prohibited. Those wishing to smoke should do so outside the chalet and dispose of cigarette butts neatly.

The use of illegal substances in Chalet Kirchberg am Bach is not tolerated.

It is the group's responsibility to ensure that Chalet Kirchberg am Bach is safe at all times. Any group of tenants who fail to secure the doors and windows of the property will be liable for stolen property from Chalet Kirchberg am Bach or the property owner as a result of that negligence. Chalet Kirchberg am Bach cannot be held liable for theft or loss of personal belongings from the chalet or vehicles.

It is your responsibility to park your car in a secure location that will not interfere with adjacent properties or the snow plow. It is not allowed to park on the neighbor's property.

It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the emergency exits and fire extinguisher in the chalet upon arrival.

In the kitchen you will find a vacuum cleaner and other cleaning equipment/products.

Waste separation is mandatory throughout Austria and failure to do so can result in high fines. You are kindly requested to separate all waste in the appropriate bins: glass (all types), plastic, metal, paper and residual waste. These bins are placed outside near the kitchen or in or outside the garage. The gray bin with wheels is for residual waste. With proper waste separation, this gray bin is large enough for 1 week's worth of waste. Waste bin bags can be purchased through the Manager.

The use of the fireplace is at your own risk. The fireplace works optimally when it is clean and the glass door is closed. Wood for heating is located next to the fireplace in the living room or outside in the garden. No other items may be burned in the fireplace.

Wireless internet (Wi-Fi). The use of the internet is free and intended for normal use. However, it is possible that the internet connection does not work optimally and Chalet Kirchberg am Bach cannot be held responsible for this. The login details for WiFi are available in the chalet.


It is of course possible that you or your travel group causes damage in or around Chalet Kirchberg am Bach. Please report the damage to the manager as soon as possible and complete a damage form together. Many damage claims are covered by the damage insurance that you take out when booking through Villa for You.

Unavoidable and exceptional circumstances. Furthermore, we are not liable for damage resulting from circumstances caused by your own actions, your traveling companions or third parties. For example, in the event of local electricity or water problems, exceptional weather conditions or fire in the holiday home.

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